The girl

by HeavenzEyez   Sep 3, 2005

She grew up here
with her family near
Loving her, needing her
Never asked for more
Never living for more

taking every day as it comes
Money coming in
Counting up the sums
From the waitress jobs
Going out
Hanging about with all the downtown mobs
Beginning to shout
At everyone who gets in her way
remember what to say
To the ones she hates
Always being late
To all the dates
Never ending up
With one for more then a couple of weeks
But still she seeks
Every night
trying to catch sight
On the very one
She sees him
catches his eye
Doesn't realize its going to end up a lie
the days pass by
She promises him the sky
Gives him her heart
Only to have it ripped apart
Doesn't realize
She never had his
Wakes up one morning to a surprise
there's no kiss
No one laying next to her
He's gone
left her with no one
A few years passes
He knew it would never have lasted
But he doesn't know
He's a dad
She's so low
Her life's so bad
Lost her job
No friends, no mob
Baby's getting older
Cant afford to go to school
She's looking like a fool
the baby Moves away
They took it away from hr
Her torn heart will stay
She begins to pray for more
But the bell rings
And she opens the door
her scream sings
His fists hit her in the face
telling her he's putting her in her place
Slams her in a corner
Hurts her, hits her
Today she's been hit twice
Once by his fist
The other by his words
She prays again
Just before he drives her insane
he leaves her alone
Gets in his car
She grabs the phone
calls the police who arnt far

Another year passes by
She's getting up
She's stopped falling
But now she's calling
Back for her child
She's gets him back
And she realized the facts
She gets job
gets back her friends, her mobs
She's living again
the mans locked away
She still remembers him everyday
But her life's living up to the fill


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by RainbowSlider

    A real story here that deserves to be written more about.

  • 12 years ago

    by sarah

    What an amazing story. it hurts just to read it. sad things like that happen. you wrote the peice well although.. i did reconize a couple places that didn't really fall together right but overall it was a good poem*

  • 12 years ago

    by Larry

    Please send me a private message -- explain how we are going to do this weekly contest -- I own my own web site that is dedicated to poetry and art and I thought I might be able to help place the weekly contest their as well as the winning poet and poem -- also, please click on my name and vote on my poetry -- I am new to this site and no one seems to be reading my work

  • 12 years ago

    by disenchanted

    Im glad there was a happy ending. Brilliant Poem!