When you feel tied down

by libby   Dec 2, 2005

Cut the cords away
this is a sensation
of glorious liberation

you can sleep tonight
a tattered refugee
from what they wanted you to be

you can fly higher than ever
you can sing while you soar
a song of no more

opression, these lessons
they don't want you to learn
but you deserve to
they're only the truth you have earned

you can escape from their hold
you can never grow tired
of this running inspired

you can flee from their colorless cells
and if you know the secrets
they won't catch us, they'll leave us

alone, without home
the way we prefer
to wander the world
to learn to endure

you can push free from the pain
abandon it here
along with the fear

you can go anywhere at all
you can go to the places
they never wanted to take us

you can leave everything behind
take nothing with you
let the wind kiss you

on the mouth, go without
what you think you need
bring only yourself
so that you may see

that of which i speak
this immeasurable peace
that comes from cutting the strings
that bind us to things


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  • 12 years ago

    by Sarah Drew

    I loved this poem, I think more people should feel that way.