The Forgotten Son

by Jacob Staly   Dec 6, 2005

The forgotten son

Not too long ago
I was a little boy
I smiled and played
and brought lots of joy
I had plenty of friends
we played every day
and during every discussion
I had something to say
I was comfortable in my skin
with self esteem to spare
being afraid to aproach a girl
was something extremely rare
each day was an adventure
with something great in store
but I was always ready
waiting for something more
I felt loved during the day
and safe throughout night
because I knew mother cared
everything was alright
but one day that boy died
and reality fell apart
happiness disappeared
leaving a broken heart
though no one even noticed
that the little boy was gone
because they were all too busy
even his loving mom
He's already been forgoten
and only I remain
the "worthless" son
in constant pain
always looking for an escape
to pass the time
anything to help forget
this pathetic life of mine
because whenever I think
about my current state
depression sinks in
and I'm reminded of my fate
alone I have been
and so I shall be
though once deeply in love
now no one wants me
so I turn my face away
and in silince I hide
never making new friends
or finding myself a bride
conversations are limited
to those who know me well
but mostly of complaints
about me being hell
they call me worthless
and this is too true
though I've tried to change
there seems nothing I can do
each time I'm met with failure
having acomplished nothing at all
only geting worse each time
leading to my inevitable downfall
but I'm not scared anymore
It's been far to long for that
because even in this cold enviroment
one can learn to adapt
and as sad as it may be
this is where the boy is now
shivering with a broken heart
though no one knows how
I wish I knew what caused this
and where the break was made
so I could repair his wings
and his soul would cease to fade
he'd finally be happy
and play once more
and everyone would remember
the boy they knew before
but until that day comes
he shall haunt me every night
reminding me of what once was
restraining me from delight


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