Here I am

by Switchblade89   Dec 13, 2005

Here I am, my names Robert Adrien Flores,
this poems about me, no more no less,
I'm 16 years old and I'm in tenth grade,
I have a fine that I still haven't paid,
I'm a Mexican student that goes to G.P,
I'm not popular, but some people know me,
my hair is black and my eyes are brown,
I will try to make people happy, when they are down,
I'll let them borrow a dollar, I'll let them borrow a pencil,
if anyone wants to talk, I'll sit and chill,
I live in the country, 8 miles from Taft,
if you use a magnifying glass, you'll see it on the map,
I had an Xbox, until it broke,
my brother hit it with a bottle of coke,
my house is too small, to hold all eight of us,
I'm a sophomore student and still riding the bus,
I can never sleep, so I'm always awake at two,
wondering what else there is to do,
I have two sisters and only one brother,
I have one dad and only one mother,(Obviously)
my cousin Matt writes too, and his poems are sort of funny,
I'm more of a love poet, or at least I try to be,
my friends hate me, cause I'm a spelling corrector,
my house won first place for being a dust collector,
I like R&B and I like rock,
my dog chewed holes in all of my socks,
but chewing my house charger is the worst he's done so far,
now I have to keep charging my phone in the car,
my last name is Flores, in English means flowers,
and people make fun of that for hours and hours,
So again I say, My name is Robert Adrien Flores,
and you just read a poem about me, no more no less,

I wrote a poem about's not really THAT funny, but I tried to add some humor to it...I had nowhere else to really put this one.


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