by Sam   Dec 14, 2005

This one i wrote while in an exam.. my friends thought it was funny so im gonna share it with you\\\\\\\'s.

Sitting in a room,
Looking at the clock.
Counting down the minutes,
Till this hell hole stops.

Can\\\\\\\'t take it much longer,
I\\\\\\\'ll go into a rage.
Sick of writing answers,
On a freaking page.

Can\\\\\\\'t sit still for five minutes,
Yet they put me in this place.
Where the only thing i look at,
Is the writing on this page.

Pens are ticking
Pages are flicking
So many things on my mind

Looking out the window
Trying to think.
Of how to pass the time

Comes to mind
To pass the time
I could write alittle rhyme

Start to write my poem,
But realise with a smile
Writing a poem about exams
May take alittle while.

So while I sit here writing
I didnt notice the time
Because it seems as I did write
Thirty minutes has gone by

So exams are now over
I am finally free
I can go to lunch now
No more exams for me

Even though while writing this
Everything went swell
Im just so freaking glad
To get out of this hell !!

~ Now i no its been awhile since i last posted a poem up here.. but go easy on me please.. comment please and ill do the same ~


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  • 11 years ago

    by Liz

    5/5 lovin it funny comment back on some of my poems and vote too pleease -Liz