by Ironic Allure   Jan 9, 2006

And she waits, she waits, but the only change that comes her way,
Is the copper in her pocket, that she saves for a better day.
Her focus cast toward her shoes, she'll keep on walking by,
Can't predict the morning, but at least she's passing time.
She's grazing through the street lamps and staggering her pace,
There's a look of grief that's found itself, rife upon her face.
Her demeanor's grown dependent, on the clarity of her past.
The memories and photographs, where hope had once surpassed.
But it seems the nights are jading and alcohol's worth-while,
So she'll choke back all her dignity, as if it were in style.
Tell her that she's capable, you'll just provoke her more,
Self-Belief has faded influence, that used to work before.
Fiction spilt with her back turned, she's not afraid to share,
Comeuppance finds an easy target, in a mind that's free from care.
Lost all hope in sympathy; we're obliged to show compassion,
Arrogance is an accessory, floating in and out of fashion.
You can judge, but save your pity, it's an over complication,
Where ignorance turns to virtue, like a brand new innovation.
Innocence has paled through time, there's no mercy in the sky,
Hope and prayers are but a comfort, for the naive, weaker kind.
But the dawn's arrival's never too far, soon it will be here,
She'll wish to drag sunrise down, but fatigue will persevere.
You're only pretty when you walk away, I hope you see it too,
Turn your head and act oblivious, i hope you know it suits you.
It's just another sob story, you're nothing special and you know,
If it's not dangerous it's not worth it, so learn to let it go.
You'll make believe in fairy tales, while you can blame the drink,
But there's much more to this story, than passers by would think.
You're a stereotypical onset, you're a site that's over-rated,
Every stranger holds opinion on the mess you have created.
Emotional instability, you're rude, so you don't need help,
But in the lust for independence, it seems you've lost yourself.
While the problem is apparent, there's no addressing the cause,
So take a bow for self-indulgence and let them judge your flaws.

©Laura Shaw. January 9th 2006.


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  • 12 years ago

    by limp

    Ye i alredyz cumnted diz.

  • 12 years ago

    by limp

    Hey asl
    diz is a nis poem
    chek myn out sum time
    cya xxx!

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