by mary   Jan 4, 2004

When you look at her
You see the prettiest girl in the world
But when she looks in the mirror
She sees the ugliest, hurting girl

You try to compliment her
And tell her she’s beautiful
But she thinks you are all liars
While she is angry and hateful

Behind all her beauty
Is nothing but pain
She hates life plainly
And she’s going insane

Her family betrayed her
Because she was different
They all hate her
Because she was exquisite

She never could see
The extravagant beauty
All she could see
Was rejection from her family

The only man she ever loved
Hurt her so much
With words, and a kick and a shove
He also made her world crush

No one understands the pain she goes through
She covers it up
But it still sneaks through
She can no longer keep it up

She goes home at night
And cries herself to sleep
She’s disgusted by this sight
That she’s destined to keep

She looks in the mirror
And sees the person she hates
And cries in terror
Of the pain that awaits

She cries in pain
One slit at a time
As she remembers what the say
Every single time

She’s in a pool of her own blood
This beauty is dead
She is sent above
As she forgets what they said

She left behind her pain
And made it go all away
She left behind her hurt
But her beauty will always stay

Her family’s left on earth
Crying for what they caused
They just want back their daughter
They didn’t realize the pain they caused

Her ex lover cries in pain
Because he realized the same
He reminisces her beauty
Ands the things he could’ve changed

She never realized how beautiful she was
She just saw an ugly person
Full of hatred and no love

Now this beauty is home
Because she couldn’t take the pain
But on her big tombstone
It says, ‘This beauty will remain’

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  • 14 years ago

    by Danielle

    That was one of the best poems that I've ever read in my life, your so good at writing sad depressing poems, irelaly wish you would write more like that...that was so good mary, wow..i really dont know what to say...The whole beauty remaining thing was so DEEp and so MEANINGFUl & touching, and so much was great...never stop writing...your wonderful!