Native american

by Rosie   Jan 18, 2006

She looks up at the stars, alone in a nightmare she calls reality
An eagle so bald and wise spiritually sets her mind free
She is all that's left in this cruel world we call earth
Her family died after her mother gave birth

Raised by wolves she knows not what humans must
How love can truly be felt in the heart and the meaning of lust
She cries her lonely tears, her dream to be heard
What she will get in return is once again the wise bird

The eagle will grant her one very special wish
She must use her heart to get what she has dearly missed
Eyes shut tight, hair blowing free
Tears trickling down, but nobody can see

The wise bird wraps his wings tightly around
Whilst she is wishing she makes not a sound
For she wants her wish to be heard by those who cannot speak
Her wish was to have strength and replace it for 'weak'??

As wise as the bird my seem he shakes his head
She watches and more tears she begins to shed
"why?" she asks in a quiet voice and still...
The eagle explains "you already have free will"

Into the east the wise bird flew leaving only a note behind
Reading the note she gave out a big sigh

"When you feel alone and the world turns it's back
Your family is standing with you, you must remember that
Strength is your best ability you must realise
You wont feel alone if you just close your eyes
Dream of a life away from here, with your family by your side
Combined into one animal I have tried
To put in an ability from each of your loved ones
The wolf, a wise loyal animal it has become"

Sitting next to her she sees the wolf so shiny and sleek
Suddenly she feels, at last she is complete


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Angie

    Powerful message within your words Rosie...... beautifully written.

    Smiles, Hugs and Love, Angela

    ps... thanks for your comment on my poem and I am sure one day you will be a wonderful and proud mum too!

  • 12 years ago

    by Mona

    I really loved this poem Rosie. It's wonderful. I love the messege and the story it tells. Very well done, beautiful described and written. Proud of you sweety =) Love you -xxx-