To My Girlas...(Yeah This Means Ya Two)

by Rican Chemistry   Jan 20, 2006

This is to my girls
I just want to let you know
That even though we're far apart
Our frienship aint just for show

I really take into consideration
Everything ya have to say
And when ever I have a problem
I know that ya'll listen to me always

I wanna thank ya for everything
For holding me along the way
For really listening to me
And everything I have to say

For not jusging my actions
But actually showing me the way
And I promise that I love ya
Forever and a day

No matter the situation
No matter where we are
I'll always be your friend
Wether we are near or far

Preciosa keep smiling
Keep wishing for a perfect love
Keep holding on to your dreams
Because dreams is what lifes made of

Flaka keep being you
No matter what people try to do
Keep your head up high
Dont let go of the real you

Unica, I'll never forget
That u brought this trio together
I know that because of you
This friendship will last forever

Glenda, you and I are so alike
We've somehow lived through the pain
And thats why the bond we share
Could never be explained

Again I just felt like showing
My love for both of you
I know that when I need ya
I can count on both of you

Thank you mamis
For sticking by me
For never doubting me
And believing in what I can be

Las quiero mucho, babiies...lolz
hope ya like ...not that good but oh well, felt like writting..


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Sexy Chicana

    Dat poem was tight it reminds me of a homegirl I have her names Norma! She's always there in a time of need especially now that my vato or ex $h!t I dont even know but now that he's locked up. Can you and your homiez and others read my poem Amor Prisonera I need some advice on this.

  • 12 years ago

    by dora

    Hey darl. a beautiful dedicati0n t0 special pe0ple. beautifully written hun. just read ur c0mment 0n latest p0em.. just a bit d0wn - few things happened tw0 nights ag0..s0 yer neway thanks f0r caring! =) neway u t0o keep up the great w0rk!! =)

    l0ve always d0ra

  • U r alwayyyyyz welcome this poem almost made me cry and well it did and i am crying...u r such a gooood friend ma...its just amazing...well i love the worldzzzz...and most importantly i love ya mucho