Today's Lesson (Revised)

by Serena   Jan 31, 2006

As class begins my boredom sets in,
I'm fighting a battle I can't seem to win.
Every few minutes I look at the clock,
Yet all I hear is a somber tick-tock.
The lecture goes on, I try to stay awake.
Just let it end for goodness sake!
Tick-tock, tick-tock, still no time has passed
With another whole hour I don't think I'll last!
The talking goes on, will he ever stop?
Then yawn after yawn, my eyelids start to drop...
Sweet soothing slumber, the sandman is calling,
With the gentle sensation of faintly falling.
Then my head hits the desk with a solid smack,
Resounding through the room like a bullet's crack!
All eyes on me, the laughter starts to spread,
I can feel the heat rising as my face is turning red.
Then I vow to myself as the giggles start to pass,
NEVER AGAIN, will I fall asleep in class...


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