Good Times Good Times

by Cristian Teo Regalado   Feb 13, 2006

I remember chilling in Portland all day long,
And doing things that were right and wrong,
I remember getting drunk,
And also getting crunk,

I remember chilling with Laura all night,
Her and me used to be so tight,
Sometimes we would even go and grab a bite,
Her and me would talk about things that were wrong and right,

But through all the rain and the pain,
Me and her would still play games,
But some times all that stuff would get so lame,
But now I tell her over and over again to remember the name,

But she doesn't have any time to talk to me anymore,
Cause of that she walked out my hearts door,
A long time ago she was someone worth dying for,
And she was also someone I could also adore,

Now I'm starting too lose memory of her in my head,
And my heart starting to become dead,
It feels like I'm just getting read,
And I'm falling asleep in my death bed,

I wish her and me could go back too the old days,
Days when we could chill at the bay,
And back then we would hang out in every single way,
I want her to know I think about her everyday...


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by ~â‚£ading |nspiration~

    Ermm, it's beautiful in a kind of way, n it's very sad...what a touching luv, it's really sweet that u could still write a poem so great when ur heart is shattered...or izzit? No idea...just nice...really...

  • 12 years ago

    by Aussie

    Good poem...memorys r so strong:]

  • 12 years ago

    by Switchblade89

    Interesting's good.

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