by Kayla Haffner   Mar 3, 2006

You don't understand what happened to me
An innocent soul to try flying free
Then I was struck down to the ground
Waiting for some help to come round
He cast me down, my mind all tangled
My soul on edge of shattering, now dangled
No one knew what he did those nights
No one shared my bright vivid frights
He watched me, struck me, scared me
He touched me, used me, moved me
He didn't care that it wasn't right
He did it all for his delight
I knew the pot had melted his mind
Told myself inside, he was truly kind
But how could a monster so blind to my pain
Have come so close, my mothers trust gained?
One night it stopped and his smell went away
He didn't come in, come in even to play
Sure enough his night visits stopped
But my soul remained where it was dropped


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  • 12 years ago

    by Matt Carroll

    Well done K, it flows great and your choice of words rocked. 5/5 yo, keep it up

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