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  • Age : 30
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  • Country : USA, Alaska
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Latest Poems By Matt Carroll

  • I just wish that you saw me the same
    That we weren't caught up in this game...

  • Cast aside, like I am nothing, just another...
    Pushed away, stepped around, a passerby in the...

  • No matter how hard you attempt, it simply doesn't...
    Continuously pouring from a weathered, cracked...

  • The look in my eyes is there, you're just blind to...
    The tone of my voice is clear, but you're deaf to...

  • Always (1)

    Always the shoulder to cry on, the ears that...
    The wide eyes that see all of your impulsive...

Latest Quotes By Matt Carroll

  • The mere sound of your name descends upon my heart and soul with the ferocity of a thousand blades.

    2 years ago
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  • "You're gasoline, I'm kerosene, and our passion is the catalyst. We do not frolic in the, we are the fire."

    2 years ago
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  • "Don't ever fall in love, for all it is is deception, heartbreak, and betrayal."

    14 years ago
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