If Only He Could See Us Now

by Chris Harding   Mar 7, 2006

Do we stand at the foot of a mountain
Seemingly craving defeat
Before we even try to right
The wrongs that we have created

Did it seem so simple
To spout out those words of promise
Only to let them wither to ash
At the parting of your lips
As we flounder about
Endlessly recreating our own mistakes

Do we feel guilty?

As we build over the earth
With our concrete manifestations
Hidden beneath the black clouds
Of our polluting peoples

As the stars fade away
Our own constellations rise up
At the setting of the sun
For each one of these twinkling orange lights
Represents someone who couldnt give a f**k

Why think of tomorrow
When todays ignorance
Keeps us in this blissful bubble

As the cracks in our world appear
You smile in the knowledge
That you need not fear
For its someone elses problem
And will never reach us here

And why bother caring now
When God said all would be forgiven
Perhaps He never anticipated his creation
To be so reckless with the gift of freewill he gave them

As our churches hide
In the gardens of our power stations
And his spirit seems to dwindle
In the cold urban nightmare
That we call modern living

Would we be worthy of our dreams of heaven
As we spiral further downwards
Without ever realising were falling


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