In A Century When We Didn\'t Change Enough

by Chris Harding   Mar 7, 2006

In this century of unprecedented change
What have we accomplished?
To look back and analyze what we have done
The things we remember seem peculiar
As we celebrate sixty years of peace
In a world still riddled with wars

We marvel at ourselves
As we enjoy the fruits of our invention
In the digital generation
That connects the world
In internet harmony

All the crimes we have committed
And youd have thought in this age
Of instant communication
It would taught us all
Some important lessons

Yet the age old evils of human nature still persist
Greed, jealousy, deceit, selfishness and ignorance

They corrupt us all and no-one
Can say theyre not guilty

Wed cry of shame in our rooms all night
If wed ever step back and take the time
To recognize what we truly were
Yet were consumed by our sense of self worth

And through all the tears wed shed
Wed laugh as they fell down our faces
As the burnt the world ever more

Through our selfish human nature
If you think one person cant change anything
Then were doomed to never change at all

Its not beyond our power
And its not too late to try
If only wed see the light of reason
Thatd bring the dawn of recognition
As for all our technological evolutions
The one thing that has never changed
Is the cruelty throughout the ages
If wed only work harder for hope
And to change our wicked ways
Then perhaps one day to our children we could say
That wed been part of a revolution that had saved the day

As we look back from somewhere in the future
Of the evils of the old times
Free of our petrol engines
And our aerosol spray guns
Of our brain washing and soul destroying televisions
From the evils of weapons and war
And the untold torture, suffering, death and destruction
Of money, greed, inequality and capitalism

Maybe one day well be closer to the stars then
As our responsible envoys reach out into the solar system
Wed live our dreams in our reformed utopia
Who knows what well call it
But all I know is that its coming
Well have to work to get there
And itll be a burden to us all
But well have to fight our fears
And let our hope guide us on the way
Not everyone will want to change
And someone would rather fight and stay
Than consider reforming themselves
To give up their riches for a greater good

In the beginning itll always seem a bit fantastical

But unless we aim high,
Well never change enough in time
And the seas will swallow us whole
Along with our destiny amongst the stars


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by shobhana kumar

    Strange how much truth this message holds anytime you read it. What you say is so true - I wish we could atleast begin to do something.

    Lebanon, the recent strikes at the UK airport, the bomb blasts in Mumbai, India - it's so painful to see how easily we are able to destroy our own selves. Maybe someday all this will cease and the world will indeed belong to the meek.

    thanks for your comment. Great to know that you and your work are going places! So maybe in a few months, I'd be able to get a personally autographed copy of your album!!!!

    good luck to you and hope to see u writing soon! keep in touch too.

    peace and best wishes

    Good luck to you in all you do.