High School/Friends

by Jo   Mar 10, 2006

Reminiscing about the past
Looking back at high school
When we tried to fit in
Trying to be \"cool.\"

All the fights and teenage drama
Staying out late with friends
Talking on the phone all night
With the one(s) we thought were \"it.\"

As these memories race through our minds
We remember the good and the bad
The field trips we took
And all the homework we had.

Every year was different
With new teachers, more friends, and the higher class rank
Still breaking all the rules
And the many well-thought senior pranks.

Thinking of how it\'ll be in the end
How everyone will turn out to be in life
Not wanting to think of losing each other
But keeping the memories locked inside.

We take a vow at graduation
To always keep in touch before we go
And then we cry
Letting all our feelings show.

We hug each other one last time
As our last goodbye to each other
Hoping that in the future
We\'ll still be friends forever.


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