by Rozzy   Mar 19, 2006

With these chains you have locked so tightly around my heart
I plead for you to let me let you go and to ease this pain tearing me apart

You used to hold my heart with a tenderness so surreal
Yet it was too good to be true For it was your eye i caught Not your heart i wish i could steal

You keep tugging on these chains so violently Punishing me for my foolishness
Of being blind Of letting you into the recesses of my mind and revealing my innocence

I plead for you to unlock these chains letting my tears rust the cold metal for i know not else to do
Because no matter how hard you tug No matter how many times you turn your back on me I can't help but still love you

You've hurt me in countless ways Broken and torn me to pieces
Yet when all i had ever wanted from you was to love me

You let me down but forgive you You ripped me apart but i still love you
I try so hard to get up and break these chains but a part of me refuses to give up this insanity love can do

So this is my fate Locked forever in your chains no matter how painful
Lost of the passion and prisoner of what will never again be beautiful


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