Scars Stay

by FrozenTearsBleed   Mar 27, 2006

I feal its chill against my face as the tears drizzle down,
I can not keep from holding them back as I try to smile but I instanly frown,
The icey winds blow through my red blood stained hair,
But as I sit there in the caold I think and know that no one could care,
I have no friends of family either because theyve all left me,
I was a good person couldnt they just stop and see,
I cut the wrists that bleed with blood that drip from my arm,
I know that people wont notice me they dont know about the harm,
I wipe my face from the tears but all I get is the salty taste,
I know my being here and my life they all think it is a waste,
Im not a waste Im really notI know what I saying but they wont hear,
No one will even see me and love me no one will come near,
I know cuts do go away but I know one thing that the scars dont go,
But the scars remain and stay with me even if the blood dosnt flow,
Scars remind me of the worst but not the good if there was any good to say,
I sit at night and look out at the stars how they are up there and then I pray,
I pray for no more scars wishing they\\\'d go away and never come back,
I prick myself the blood drops like rain they stan wont go of the tac,
I use little things like that to get rid of all my pain,
I cut this and that I dont want to but I do I cut way down to my vein,
Scars wont go I cry and scream from my room where I lie,
I wish they\\\'d just go away I wish I could fall asleep and die,
I\\\'m done with cutting I\\\'m done with death I\\\'m done,
I havent been happy for the longest time I havent had any fun,
Goodbye scars I know you stay but for now i cover you up,
I give my life to you my life is not like a broken cup,
I cant take back what Ive done but I know I can try hard,
I know my life is forever changed I know my heart its charred.


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  • 11 years ago

    by littlemissxsunshine

    Wow this one is really good i added you to my favorites and yeah its okay. well keep it up

    also a reader of your poems tabby (:

  • 11 years ago

    by AngelWithTheBrokenWings

    Hey ive read a few of ur poems, and they are pretty good. ~emS~ xxxx