My First Year

by Brittini   Apr 1, 2006

The sparkle of new life
Seen through the eyes
Of the new proud parents
As their just born baby cries

The worlds beauty
Held in the arms of love
Wrapped in a soft blanket
Its a gift from God above

The look of purity
Comes from a baby's first smile
Seen by the mother
Who will remember it for miles and miles

The feeling of peace
That a mother will always keep
Happening when the mother
Rocks her baby to sleep

The new knowledge
Of what the baby cries for
Whether it be attention or food
Or if the baby is in pain or sore

The rattle of joy
That a baby always has near
Like a pink kangaroo
Or a little stuffed deer

The flip of amazement
That the child will do
To let the mother know
She has grew

The promise of support
That the mother has given
To her child, stating I'm always here for you
But with no words spoken

The baby's first crawling
On her hands and knees
Only four months old
It brings a smile to the mother who watches and sees

The sound of innocence
That the mother heard
When her baby says mama
As her first word

The sound of tum tum
As your baby takes her first steps
Only 9 months old
For a mother this memory is kept

The random dances
Of a baby that's nude
That will bring smiles
And brighten everyones mood

The discovery of new things
Like a pair of stairs
Your baby falls down them
And gives the mother a scare

The fun found
In a cloths filled laundry bin
Putting the cloths over her head
Makes everyone grin

The knowledge of a birth
That happened twelve months ago
Knowing of new times to come
With more time for your baby to grow

Please comment and rate because this poem means alto to me and i wanna know what people think of my poem and of the first year in my life


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Debbie

    Enchanting. The seeming plaintive atmosphere of the poem, along with the heartwarming thoughts portrayed, captivated my heart. I further adored the theme you used. How first moments of a baby brings joy to every mother is rather tantalizing and nostalgic. =]

    `I liked how you illustrated a child as:
    "The worlds beauty
    Held in the arms of love"

    It's a beautiful piece, overall. Perhaps applying punctuations will enhance its flow and the poem itself as well. But, nevertheless, it is a fine effort. Take care. ~Marian

  • 10 years ago

    by The Lonely Rose

    Awwwww..i absoulutely luved this poem!! its very sweet and it makes me smile a 5/5 and im puttin this in mi favs!

  • 10 years ago

    by Robert

    I loved the insightfulness of this piece it held an almost melloncolly athmosphere to it and was a great read I gave it a 5 because I am just awe struck from your insight great work Plot121...

  • 10 years ago

    by Ashley Ann

    That is a very good poem that you made! I loved it and it made me smile quite a few times! Your poem has great imagery. 5/5 from e! Keep up the fantabulous work! ;)

  • 10 years ago

    by Cherise

    This was a great poem about a new born baby:)

    I'm an only child, and i was always glad i never had any siblings...this poem made me want one :P

    great work :)

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