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Hey all people who have taken at least a small interest to get to know me =). My name is Jazzy and i'm frm the US. I love to write about what I feel and things that jus pop into mind. I first started writing two years ago hoping to improve but I asked so many people to vote, they just put a false input on the poem so I decided to just stop and let my poems to take a natural coarse.************************

So if any one has questions feel free to message me on anything =)


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Latest Poems By The Lonely Rose

  • Time passes by,
    As I came to find my love...

  • Lows and highs of a roller coaster
    I'm take every step through it...

  • I'll look at the moon.
    As it shines so bright...

  • No friends,
    What a waste...

  • Give me the light.
    The light to my pain...

Latest Quotes By The Lonely Rose

  • "Love is not love when the other doesn't love you back. It is merely an infactuation"

    11 years ago
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  • "Don't tell me if I'm dying, cause I want to see the sun one last time"

    11 years ago
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  • Her only last wish,
    Was but a kiss.
    Of everlasting bliss.
    Of permission of her dying day.
    ~Sad Story

    12 years ago
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