Best Friends With Benefits

by Sara   Apr 30, 2006

I answer your calls, hoping to hear you say my name.
I can only have so much of you, although you claim you want my body and mind.
I listen to you speak to me, beautiful tongues surround our conversations.
You speak these words to her, the one that you claim to love.
You can't love her if you know how you feel about me.
she is your girlfriend,
And I just the best friend.
The best friend with benefits.
She told me she trusts me,
knows I wouldn't hurt her.
She clings to me, unknowing of the broken heart it creates.
She touches you and I cringe, a part of me dies.
I've excused myself to get away from seeing the two of you together.
Why would I put myself in such a situation of just you, me and her?
I love you too much to explain.
Words just couldn't do it justice.
I'm falling too hard for you, and all I remain to do is let it kill me.


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