It All Went Wrong...

by Dawn   May 4, 2006

It all went wrong after i heard the fist gun shot. In my room getting ready for bed, minding my own business. Who knew that could be so wrong?
Screams brought me to the window. Then one last shot was fired, and i could barely hear the footsteps running in the other direction. Who knew minding your own business could be so wrong?
Everything is going dark.
The floor feels hard and unwelcoming.
And from the corner of my eye, I see you walk in.
You rush over to me and hold me in your arms, begging me to hold on for dear life.
The fight we just had doesn't matter.
You're not yelling at me like you were before. You're embracing me as opposed to pushing me away like you had done before. And she doesn't matter, not anymore...not like she did before.
It's getting darker and your image slowly starts to fade from my sight.
I can feel hot tears fall to my hand and realize that they are my own, and you're not there. Now, for the first time in so long I am crying.
My life is over and i guess she is still more important, for you can be there for her while she is crying...but you cannot be here for me while I am dying.
I was willing to let it go.
To go on with life as it was.
However, now i don't have time to explain this to you and i really wouldn't want to anyways.
I did nothing wrong, yet you continued to blame me.
You had said you were tired of her lies and yet this time you believed her.
So the minute I decide to mind my own business and no longer, as she had said, "interfere" with people's lives; i get shot for it.
When I get my chance to do it again...I won't give up.
But this time I am too late.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
There is only darkness...and I am slipping into it.
Be safe.
Be strong.
And know that you will always have me love...
Good bye


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