Friends Come First...

by Hayley Marie   May 25, 2006

She used to be so popular,
But now shes all alone,
Shes noticed nobodys there,
And wants to stay at home.

Her life isnt all that great,
But its the best it will get,
Leaving her friends behind,
Is all that she regrets.

She always said she wouldnt,
But things turned out real bad,
She really wishes she hadnt,
They were the best friends she had.

Everybody has drifted away,
And shes all by herself,
She feels like the only empty box,
Sitting on the shelf.

She said her girls came first,
But something changed her mind,
Now shes all on her lonesome,
Because she left her girls behind.

I dont regret my boyfriend,
But I detest my dirty deed,
I let my girls disappear,
Their friendship back, I need.

{I put my boyfriend first and let all my girls disappear! I love my guy but I hate the way I let the best friends I ever had go}


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  • 12 years ago

    by Summer

    Your other recent poem to dani is alot like this, but I like this one alot better

  • 12 years ago

    by ღ Dark Princess ღ

    Its great...:D