Ode to My Old Man

by Darien   Jun 16, 2006

Ode to My Old Man

People think you're my brother,
Legally married to my mother.
You're my dad, but who knew?
I'm the younger version of you.

We've both got the good looks,
Intelligence from reading books.
An athletic hero and super star,
They are things we both are.

Dad, I could be the clone of you,
People may even believe it's true.
So great we get along well together,
This is a bond that will last forever.

You are my inspiration and light,
Guide me down a path that's right.
Help me through obstacles hurled,
Protect me from this cruel world.

Forever I will be your little boy,
Bringing you hope, love and joy.
"I love you dad", I'll shout aloud,
And one day I will make you proud.

My father, my brother and my friend,
I will be your son until the very end.
There is one thing left for me to say,
Hope you have a Happy Father's Day


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Bridgette

    This is a really sweet poem. It's nice to hear someone talk about how much they love their mom/dad instead of how much they hate them. This poem is filled with so much love and a little funny at times. You did a great job on this.

  • 12 years ago

    by Arcane Blondie

    Beautiful poem-absolutely loved it- 5/5 you have tons of talent so keep writing!

  • 12 years ago

    by Nelle

    Awwww, that was soooo sweet....You can really truly feel your emotions..great write 5/5

  • 12 years ago

    by VYXSIN

    Omg you must really like your dad, it soooo cute, 5/5...

  • 12 years ago

    by kelS;

    Awee! this is such a cute poem it is actually so good! you can tell that you put a lot of effort into it and that you actually wanted this to be a good one about you and your dad! nice worK!