Living Through Your Dreams

by Shannon   Jul 22, 2006

For all of the lonely children
Playing on their own
For all of the widows and widowers
That lie in bed alone

For all of the brave women
In a doctor's office scared
For all teen girls with a pregnancy test
Crying and unprepared

For every American soldier
Standing tall and proud
For every individual
That screams "unique" out loud

For all of the single mothers
Trying to survive
For every battered and bruised wife
Fighting to stay alive

For all of the grieving families
Standing beside a grave
For every home that's been burned down
As you sift through the pieces to save

For the closet alcoholic
Who tries to hide the booze
For the ones that fight a silent disease
And only seem to lose

For every cop who braves the streets
And the prostitutes that do the same
For every nurse that heals the hurt
For the celebrities and their fame

For every hungry homeless man
Who lives off of the food he steals
For the treachery and jealousy
And the lies that each reveal

For every heart that's broken
For every fallen tear
For every dream that's shattered
For prejudice and fear

For every mountain that you climb
For the heavens that you descend
For the creation of every origin
And the fulfillment of every end


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