A letter of love

by nicole   Aug 1, 2006

Like glass dew fell on a clear morning when the earth was still and the sky was just gaining first light when a tear fell and a memory recalled

when a knee bent in earnest heartbreak when silent weeping didn't even touch the air
when roses fell upon a grave stone

when everything was so calm it was frightening when thinking hurt so bad when there was not a soul left unsleeping when the sky was grey and a weeping willow cast shadows long and sad

when you walked upon a lonely road when a bird sweetly chirped his song but love and kindness couldn't touch you you had walked this road to long

when childhood seemed like a curse
something you tried to defy when sweet release was the touch of steel when you acted like you weren't scared but inside you just wanted to cry

when someone held out they're hand to you behind they're back you looked for a knife
when everything good seemed only a fake kindness another thing to forsake in this life

when people actually cared about you you got scared they might and pulled away when you started feeling lonely you looked for a temporary companion inside an empty face

when you thought I had stopped caring I had given up on you
or maybe thats what you wished for
but that wish will never come true

your life fueled with regret
when you were praying for a new day before the next had begun when you listened to hear the close of this dreadfully sad song

when everything seems hopeless
and you don't think you have a friend in the world when you cant hear the deafening silence

remember Ill always be with you
I have been from the start I will never leave you or forsake you
My name is carved upon your heart


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