Trying So Hard

by Am Bam   Aug 2, 2006

*inspired by the song "i don't want to be me" by Amanda Clemens.

I'm struggling here to breathe

I'm struggling here to be free

Free me from all this pain

I fear just everything here is has driven me insane

I'm trying so hard to be good

I just wish someone understood

Why I do the things I do

I'm just trying so hard, if only you knew

I seem to be so unlucky

I seem to be suffocating and hurting

But you don't understand this pain

You don't understand how much of me remains

I'm trying so hard to put away the knife

Trying to find a reason to live this gloomy life

I wish someone could offer me a cure

Right now I'm just not feeling so sure

You don't know how much I wish I wasn't me

But you don't care, as long as your happy

Crying every tear with every cut

I fear I'm stuck here, Stuck in this rut

Trying so hard to be happy

But I don't want to be me

I don't think you'll ever frickin get it

Because of you, your a story on my arm, your another slit

Who would look at this worthless face and say they loved me

No one sees the pain in my eyes, they don't see me crying

I'm just another person here to blame

I'm another to ignore, hurt, and hate. Look At What I've Became!

I'm trying so hard to stay here

But no one really cares

If I decide to run

Will you come after me or am I just done?

Trying so hard to just breathe

Trying so hard to not leave

Trying so hard to be happy

But I'm sorry

I don't want to be me


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  • 11 years ago

    by X~Angie~X

    Omg wow. i kno exactly how u feel. i feel that wya too. i can so relate to this poem. i love it. i like how it all flows together perfectly. im in awe of u. keep on writing
    take care
    luve angie