A Dream of Passioned Grace

by Twisted Heart   Aug 25, 2006

Don't hurt me now with long goodbyes
if words you spoke were just deceit.
Don't tell these ears your empty lies
then leave behind my heart to bleed.
Don't hold my soul in hands of greed
If I've become some game to play,
and leave me bits of dignity,
if it must be, you walk away.

Don't tell me you never loved me,
words spoken just to see me cry
you whispered secrets to defeat,
bear witness to their alibi.
Don't say these words to moonlit skies
or their souls will reel like thunder.
Allow your heart its time to fly
and our stars will pull you under.

Leave me dreams, so I might recall
the gentleness in your embrace.
Don't say that you have lost it all
for in your arms my love I placed.
Love me deep, with a passioned grace,
cover my soul with words of love
for as we stand here face to face
I am the one you're thinking of.

This poem is a triple Huitain.

HUITAIN - Is a verse consisting of a single 8 line stanza, with 8 or 10 syllables in each line. The typical rhyme schemes are ababbcbc and abbaacac.

I would like to thank Billy Rob for critiquing this for me before I posted. I really valued and appreciated his help


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