Vampire's Death

by Catastrophic Beauty   Aug 26, 2006

Laying down in her bed, dreaming words unsaid
Clenched fist to her date, trying to control his fate
He's suppose to die tonight, from her poisoned bite
She doesn't want to kill him, wants another victim

You see, she's a vampire, blood's her favorite desire
She is on a constant mission, to carry on tradition
Sucking life from everyone, till their destiny is done
She wants precious blood, to pour out like a flood

But now it's that time,"to achieve the deed of mine".
The final ending of his life, killing from his own wife
She hesitates as she gets, close and closer to his neck
Biting her teeth tight together, he'll be gone forever

Now it's finally done, she got her food she had won
Standing up still, can not believe what she just killed
She's staring into the mirror, expecting nothing there
It is her husbands figure, she can see it but it's a blur

Marks on his neck, from when his life was wrecked
Tears are stained all over his face, stuck right in place
Words appear on the glass, saying"you better run fast"
And when she turns around, she falls to the ground

Hand comes out the mirror, his ring is on the finger
Puts a stake through her heart, wife burst into parts
He walks out of there, looking at her without a care
And everyone is behind him, the vampire's victims

Everybody is now out, they're alive without a doubt
Rejoicing with smiles, making the moment worthwhile
They're so glad to be back, scars are fading from necks
They now breathe breath, cause of this vampire's death


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Somber Esprit

    Vivid imagery! very well written and tells a great story! nice work.

  • 11 years ago

    by Katie

    This is a fantastic write, your descriptions were so vivid. It was almost like being able to see it in picture form whilst reading the words. Clever rhyming too. I liked this very much.
    Well done
    K xx

  • 11 years ago

    by coupon can

    Awesome poem. like ppl other ppl have said great description and emotion. truely amazing.

  • Great description, such emotion, dont know why this poem has such a low rating!!!! great effort keep up the work...

  • 11 years ago

    by lonelynow

    Hey this was great! It was a great idea and it was extremely well written. you really have talent.

    thanks for the comment xxxx

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