by rhiannon   Sep 9, 2006

~sitting here thinkin bout when we was young playin in tha streets. runnin round wit wife beatas and slippas on not worryin bout who carryin heat.
~"where eva you see one youll find the other" is wat momma used to say if we wasnt in school we was togather all day.
~by the time we was 17 we swore we was grown spending days togather then all night on the phone
~times got rough so momma wanted to leave but instead of followin i told her the streets is where i needed to be
~we moved in togather both workin 9 ta 5s both caught feelins
so we gave it a try
~ after bout 4 mounths we both agreed that we was to close you was like a brother to me
~we both got caught up in tha game promised eachother our friendship would never change
~after all tha drug deals and late nights in tha streets I was tierd wanted to settle down and have a man next to me and up intill then I never knew how much u cared then I thought bout all the times u was there
~ you gave me that look then one thing led to another after we was done u whispered that u wanted me to be your babies mother
~ after a week I walked up and stared at your face knowin in 10 minutes u would be lowered to ur grave
~it only took one bullet straight ta your head ur boy came over and told me you was dead
~as they throw the red flag in your coffin I break down into tears knowin I would be alone after all these years
~I was gonna tell u that night but I guess now will have to do remember when u whispered those words bout me being ur babies mother well I told u I promise ur dream will come tru so I guess I should tell u im gonna name him after u.


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  • 11 years ago

    by unblue skye

    Amazingly written. i usually dont read like slang poems =P ima not big wit them but yaaa urz caught my eye. i had to read it, and ima glad! it wuz great, and sad. loved it!



  • 11 years ago

    by eXile

    Awesome, this rap? 5/5.

  • 11 years ago

    by Jenie

    Wow this is amazing!
    u have alot of talent w/ ur words!!!!!!
    thanx for my comment-


  • WOW.....This poem caught me off guard. Made me wanna cry. Feels like I can feel ur pain.
    You expressed urself, and wrote a beautiful, but yet very sad poem. I loved it. Excellent work, keep them coming. 5/5

  • 12 years ago

    by Yulie

    I really, really,
    like this one.
    Its deep yer, it has happened to so many people

    a true 5/5

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