I Like it When You Lie

by megan   Sep 17, 2006

His dark cloudy eyes tell me something isn't right
"I love you" he whispers while his body collapses
It's the last best lie he ever muttered
And so I shed a tear, for my lost
He was my love, my everything
And yet neither one of us
Could explain or understand what we felt
Stolen words, and broken promises
Is what I reduced my life to
And now that he is gone, my heart aches to be lied to
I often find myself wondering
"What if?"
What if I had never met him?
Would I feel this way about another?
Sitting here, rocking his corpse in my arms
I receive my answer.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Flying Phoenix

    Short but sweet, this poem really sums up despair well... Although it doesn't have any rhymes it doesn't need them, sometimes the detract from the true nature of a poem anyway... Absolutly beautiful, I love it!!!