For what reason was I made?

by FrozenTearsBleed   Oct 25, 2006

For what reason was I made,
What is Gods plan for me,
Am I to walk in cooled shade,
Or walk on the waters of the sea.

Am I do breath, Or lie still,
Am I to be fat or thin,
Am I be warm or have a deep chill,
Am I to have brown or white skin.

Will I be rich or out in the rain,
Be loved or thrown away,
To feel great and be happy, or have pain,
This is what Im hopeing god will say.

Live a happy life, with those you care,
I love you no matter what my child,
Even though life can get unfair,
Sometimes in life you will get you wild.

Do what you please, that is my will,
Do what you like but be open in your head,
Make sure youre not the one they kill,
And end up in jail and then winde up dead.


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  • 11 years ago

    by ShaunaMarie

    Hey meg, i love this poem, and thanks for writing to me. I'm sorry we havent talked for so long! I'm just real busy with the whole sam thing. We've been fighting a lot lately, and I had to explain the whole bi thing to my mom, so i never want to go home again. I'll try to call and let you know if I can come or not, but I dont know cuz I might not have a ride. If I come, sam might have to come too cuz she's at my house friday so yeah... bye bye