When will you believe me???

by Dawn   Nov 18, 2006

If I said I was sorry, would you belive me?
If I admit my flaws will you forgive me?
And in forgiving, could you forget,
All your expectations i never met?
What happened wasn't my fault, you know,
That @s$h01e had a part in the show,
Yet you abandon me and not him,
Like i was the one who was slow and dim?
Witted, that is for wasn't it you who had said,
If he touched me he would be dead,
He listened quite well didn't he,
For this wouldn't have happened if he didn't take advantage of me,
But no, it is me in the wrong,
Not that prick who brought it on,
He ruined me, he ruined us,
He ruined everything, and now I'm lost,
Nothing is the same and it may never be,
But, for what happened, I will forever be sorry,
And if sorry isn't enough and a promise will do nothing,
Then I guess it is truely over and this is me ranting,
Wishing for a tomorrow where you will call,
And forgive me for it all...


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