My Demise

by silence   Dec 12, 2006

My Demise

I'm down and depressed
And I want to die
But alas
I sit alone and cry

Why is life so hard
And I'm not so strong
Why do I even try
It will always go wrong

I think about
The life I've had
All the pain and heartbreak
It hurts so bad

I haven't eaten in days
And yet still
I can't get the urge
It's not my will

The lights are off
The sun is gone
It's dark now
The demons have won

I lay on my bed
I close my eyes
I scream into my pillow
And wait for my demise

I sit back up
And take a pill
This will help
With my urge to kill

I look at pictures of friends
Pictures of the past
All of these times
I thought would last

My eyes start to blur
And before I know it
I've taken to many pills
My body will show it

All of my life
I've delt with pain
It doesn't matter
It's all in vain

At this moment
I close my eyes
I've accomplished it now
I've met my demise


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