Lets Work It Out

by Cathy   Dec 29, 2006

Why do we fight I ask myself everyday
we shared years together and now were both astray
We both love each other I know that for sure
But why cant we be happy and erase all the hurt

We can never get along no matter how hard we try
We just end up fighting and then I start to cry
Either you get mad about something dumb
Or I get mad about you out having fun

Sometimes it feels hopeless we get no where
We just end up mad and left with a feeling of despair
Is it really worth it? to call each other mean names
Than be all pissed off and point out the blame

We have been in each others life for a long time
Why cant we make up and stop acting like were fine
I know deep down you miss me why do you try to hide
I can see it in your eyes what secrets you hold inside

You forget that I know you, and I know when you lie
But though I already know that It still kills me inside
We say and do things we both get mad about
So why cant we just talk about it and try to work it out

Were not teens no more we have 3 children in our life
I think its time we stop fighting and start doing whats right
I don't want the kids to be sad I want us to be strong
I want them to be happy so lets make this relationship go on

Lets do it for our kids, lets do it for ourselves
Lets do it for love baby and nobody else
I want to make things work I want to be with you again
I want us to be able talk I want us to make a mend

Lets get over all our troubles lets start all over again
Lets act more mature and be each others friend
I know that you still love me I know you still care
But baby forget about other things and make it a priority to be there

Maybe well be happy, maybe life well be a lot better
Maybe I can talk to you instead of writing you these letters
You can talk me boy about anything thats on your mind
Remember baby I'm here for you and I'll give you all my time

I just want you to trust me and I want to trust you to
We been together for too long to start acting like some fools
I know the kids are angry and In a way its both our faults
But I'm willing to make things better and get us out of the dark

I want you boy I do and nothing has changed
My heart belongs to you and my feelings remain the same
So come back to me boy you'll see what I'm talking about
Come home baby lets work it out


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  • 10 years ago

    by john graver

    Why is it so hard to get along with the ones we love? I'm still trying to figure that out myself. nice write 5/5

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