A Smile Goes a Long Way

by ..eliSa*   Jan 13, 2007

This poem is a combination of 2 of my previously written poems entitled This Morning I Smiled, and Be You..Enjoy!

Wake up this morning and smile,
And carry it throughout the day.
Tell yourself that regardless of what is said,
Your smile is here to stay.

Today is a new beginning for opportunity
So stand tall and strong.
Stay positive and hopeful
That nothing can possibly go wrong.

Never say, \"I can\'t do it\",
Because you\'ve never tried.
Your level of accomplishment
Isn\'t measured by the amount of tears you\'ve cried.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself,
Because regret won\'t help you by.
Don\'t lose faith in yourself,
And opportunities will arise.

Only you can make things happen,
Just keep on striving with your head up
Don\'t panic if you make a mistake,
You\'ll learn from them without cover-up.

It\'s not about popularity,
Or being the most attractive one,
So be proud of who you are inside
And all you can become.

You are an individual.
You are unique and bold.
You are beautiful the way you are,
Regardless of anything else you\'ve been told.

Don\'t think twice,
About the cruel things they say.
Just remember they\'re like everyone else,
And simply walk away.

I know life\'s hard,
But you must be strong.
Do not give up on yourself,
When the littlest things go wrong.

Keep trying and never give up,
Regardless of what others think of you.
There are no limits to anything in life,
As long as you are yourself in all that you do.

Gaze at the world with your head held high
Imagining the possibilities like a naive child.
Allow nothing to bring you down today,
Because this morning you smiled.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Empty Space

    Great combo:D

  • 11 years ago

    by aDORKable x3

    Amazing! How inspirational! I loved it! Great great great job!!! Thanks for the comment!

  • 11 years ago

    by RainbowSlider

    A great pick me up.

  • 12 years ago

    by Anton

    WOW awsome combo man i like it. so how u doin?

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