New best friend

by silence   Mar 4, 2007

I have a new best friend
he means alot to me
when he's around I forget
just how boring life can be

He calls me every day
falls asleep with me at night
He's always there to cheer me up
or help me through a fight

His happiness is contagious
addictive as a drug
he's one of those guys
that you just want to hug

If you were to meet him
Then he would infect you
and be a part of your life
in everything you do

we have our inside jokes
that no one knows about
and we always change our names
to strange things we pick out.

he listens to my troubles
he listens to my thoughts
and suffers through my venting
which helps me out lots

he has a great girlfriend
one that he adors
and when she talks to him
it just makes his heart soar

I am very proud
to have a friend like him
I now see meaning in life
and it's no longer dim

to my friend Dustin. this was written in 2004. I haven't talked to him in awhile :(


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  • 11 years ago

    by Fredy

    Wow great poem. it expresses a lot. great work.