Can you guess

by silence   Mar 16, 2007

I'm happy for now
But the day is almost done
I guess I'll have to go home
And dig out my gun

I smile while everyone
Passes me by
Work is over, I'll go home
To sit alone an cry

Why does this happen
Only to me
If I would open up
Maybe they'd see

But that will never happen
I'm just afraid
Everyone you pass
Will give you a grade

I'm labeled as odd
Which I don't mind at all
Because one of these days
The world is going to fall

And I will not be stuck
Following a boss
Everyone will be in groups
And that is their loss

If I can make it
To that day
It would all be over
It would all go away

But something tells me
I may not make it through the night
My life is ending
On this I will shed some light

All of my life
I've been ignored and hated
But now it's all over
My time has been dated

It will be soon
Thought I will not tell you when
If I told you, someone would stop me
How much fun would it be then

I'll have to keep it secret
From everyone I know
So that no one will miss me
And their lives will grow

It will take some time
To notice that I'm gone
But soon in time
Their lives will go on

I'll do it outside
Easier to clean up the mess
When will I do it
Can you even guess

It's a day that means a lot
To me in many ways
It's the day that changed my life
It is where my heart lays

For my heart was left behind
So long ago
But you will never find out
You will never know

You will find out
I'll have someone post it soon
Because you never know
It could be this afternoon

I'll end this as if
I'm ending my life
Goodbye cruel world
Hello new knife...


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