A Lost Soul

by Wallace   May 11, 2007

The trees whispered with the winds
As death exhumed the earth
Everything perished
Not a soul left in sight

I searched for an answer
An answer to this maze
I'm not lost to this place
But lost in my destiny

My future is untold
My faith has diminished
For my hope to live in humanity
Has been lost with my mind

My feelings are gone
My body is mislead
For I am like a ghost
Who sees but is never seen

My heart has vanished
And sin has consumed my being
No longer beautiful or charming am I?
But now destructive and perilous

But then a light has landed
And my soul has been found
And my ghostlike body
Has been given flesh and bones

I can feel and wonder
And awe in amazement
My cup has been filled
With love and compassion

I stutter in confusion
As my body has been made whole
For a savior to all
Has rescued my lost soul


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

    Really nice wording in this poem, exellent imagary given off. xxx alex xxx

  • 10 years ago

    by Karl Wild GG23

    I thought the title of this poem was very eye catching it almost makes the reader stop and check it out. The imagery in this piece was very good and I could see it play out in my head like a movie. Excellent job once again 5/5 GG23

  • 10 years ago

    by gack60

    "For I am like a ghost
    Who sees but is never seen"

    I loved that line that got me. i have to say i like ur style of writing your poems are structured great.

    Keep up the good work.


  • 10 years ago

    by Jenni Marie

    "For I am like a ghost
    Who sees but is never seen"

    ^^ My favourite part of this piece.
    I found those two lines to hold so much power and meaning, they really stood out to me.

    I enjoyed this, despite most of the piece not rhyming, I found it to have very good flow, and the ending was beautifully created, such passion and hope, while the writing itself was filled with such beauty and elegance.

  • 10 years ago

    by JustKristina

    Ahhh sad!!! but this one is really good. I think ur real talent though is in the rhyming poems, but this one was good as well!! :o]