What Happened to Our Friendship

by Sammerz   May 11, 2007

I remember when
we were younger.
We were good friends.
That is until high school
started then u became
stuck up n acted
like we were never friends.
Do you enjoy urself
now puttin ur so called
used to be friend down.
Callin me a who.re i jus
dont understand.
What happened to our
friendship what happened
to u?
You say i changed but
i think u got it all twisted.
I remember when u were the
gurl who never talked crap
bout other people that is
until now i find out u
talked a lot of crap bout
the people u
hung out with everyday.
Also now u
start so much drama
between other people
ur the one that is
dragging others into it
that dont wanna be apart of it
Tell me do u like the drama or
do you jus like everyone else
fighting or makin there lives so
miserable just b/c yours is.
This isnt right u need to get
your life on track.
Dont tell me to get my
facts straight when ur
the one sittin here
destroying other pplz lives.
Jus let them be happy n
work on ur on life to make it better.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Brittany Ottmo

    Hey gurl.....hows it going....i was reading this poem and in the middle of it i was wondering who it was about....you know you can talk to me right.....5/5......laterz
    **Baby Gurl**

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