by libby   May 31, 2007

The soles of my feet are rolling
and the whole of me is pitching
ready to fall into the first
person in front of me
the first
person who will catch me but
maybe they shouldn't.

maybe i want to just fall and
scrape my palms raw
the turbulence of asphalt underneath
a yielding body
1 coupon for earthly pain,

step right up and
trade in your spiritual maladies, your
debilitating phobias, your chronic depression
and your goddamn runofthemill heartache
for the doctor's new cure-all
a smack on the ass'll send you
face down on the pavement
and you'll feel better...

so catch me but
throw me right back down
turn to walk away but
step on my fingers for good measure
i can't take these other people
being good when i'm not.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Melissa

    Awesome piece dear Libby! I just love your writing voice, it's so mesmerizing!

  • 10 years ago

    by swill

    Boy, are you lovely. Even the picture. (I mean to say I found you lovely cause of that poem)