A Little More

by Wilhelm   Jun 2, 2007

The rain falls down onto my face
The tears fall too, a solemn race
A maelstrom is raging inside my mind
How could she do that? Was I that blind?

Searching my soul with no luck
And in my mind I fear I'm stuck
Perhaps it's me, am I to blame?
A shattered picture in a perfect frame?

So no one knows the pain I feel
The stabbing pain and the breath it steals
And I fear the emptiness in me is growing
The swelling, surging, sadness and self loathing

I've been swept up and I'm sinking fast
And I don't know how long I'll last
But I can't give up, I can't give in
I will not lose to the sadness within

But the storm soon breaks and my breath is caught
As I survey the beauty the storm has brought
Rain swept plains in which flowers grow
More beauty than I could hope to know

I look up at the sky without words to say
I look around again and wipe the tears away
Perhaps the greatest love comes after the greatest pain
And after you lose so much you have the most to gain

And with this feeling I collect my heart
And put back the pieces that were torn apart
My soul is cleansed and my mind refreshed
My conscience is clear as I lay my fears to rest

And all it took was a little hope
To assuage my fears and help me cope
So I've found again what I've lost before
I found myself, and a little more


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