I am sorry for the mask

by Mey   Jun 6, 2007

I can't count on tomorrow
Can't fast forward today
Can't put on a disguise
to why I felt this way

I'm sorry that I like you,
I'm sorry that I care
I'm sorry that I spend my time
Wishing you were there.

I'm sorry that I need you,
I'm sorry that I lied
I'm sorry that I go to bed;
with lies every night .

I'm sorry If I Hurt You
I'm sorry for what I did
It wasn't my inttentions
I hope you'll understand

I'm sorry I'm not pretty,
I'm sorry that I'm not nice
I'm sorry I'm not good enough;
To be with you in this life.

I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
I've been sorry for so long
I'm sorry I cant be everything;
You've needed all along...

I try to answer questions
can't find a resolution
to all the doubts I had
that drowned me in confusion

You saw how I was falling
You tried to hold my hands
I know I hurt your heart
I still can't understand

Empty spaces will be filled
though you'll look back once in awhile
you won't forget the good times
and how I made you smile.

I'm not a perfect daughter
How I wish I wasn't me
I'm not smart like my sister
How I wish I could be

I'm not funny like my friends
Though I really try
I'm not strong like you
I'm sorry I sometimes cry

Why did I have to be the one
That isn't like the rest
Why couldn't I be the favorite
Why can't I be the best?

I'm sorry cuz lied
I'm sorry that I wear a mask
I'm sorry that my life
Isn't on your path

I'm sorry I'm not beautiful
I'm sorry I put fake pictures
I'm sorry there were things
I didn't talk about

I wish I was the person
I'm expected to be
I wish I could be anyone
Anyone but me.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Mey

    Awww thx you guys I love your comments ad yes it is a real situation

  • 11 years ago

    by Ecupidmo

    Man,if this is based on a true situation,you totally almost made me cry..
    don't worry,i totally understand what you mean..
    other than that,
    your rhythm was great except at some of the verses that didn't really rhyme..
    But hey, who cares??,your poem was GREATLY WRITTEN!!
    plus it was meaningful!
    keep it up!

    -emo cupid,thats me!

  • 11 years ago

    by December

    I liked it.

    If its a true situation..
    Just be yourself allways..

    '' you laugh at me 'cause i'm different.. i laugh at you 'cause you're all the same ''


  • 11 years ago

    by carrie

    ((i know the feeling, take care...))

    emo love,

  • 11 years ago

    by Gypsy

    The rhyme and flow was mostly really good, apart from a couple of the last verses felt a bit forced, and there were a few spelling errors, but aside from that it was a brilliant poem on a good subject =]