by beav   Jul 6, 2007

Broken distortions morphing

side step views.
veneered haze of smoke-dust,

eyes cramped for clarity.
artful stains define light, obscure delineations.
rain spattered veil,

beguiled moving universe.
framed pieces of time existent,

changed now- now- now.
shattered threats daunting wounds,

jagged delicate hazard.
open vents flowing breath,

life stirring channel of air.
shut exit shut entrance,

rose colored limpid wall.
fog opaqued steamed,

heavy hung wetness.
blackened by one side of dark,

reflect mirrored souls exposed.
choice permitting views,

risking sight from either side.


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  • 11 years ago

    by CY GINDLE

    Words to big 4 my 10 grade education