The Special Man

by MuddinGirl   Jul 26, 2007

Deep brown eyes, the stare of this man
The sometimes harsh words, the gentle touch of his hand.
His coal black hair with a hint of gray
To hear him say "Pooter" just made my day.
Getting up early to head off to work
No one even dared to call him a jerk.
Leaving home to start his day
But thinking of me the entire way.
Who would have thought the day would come now
When I didn't have a daddy to show me how.
To live a great and wonderful life
To be the very best and loving wife.
No one there to give me away
On that one most important wedding day.
The words you have read may hurt your heart
But they are true to me in part.
Many years ago something happened to my dad
And the life I was living became angry and sad.
Now there comes a time in everyone's life
When your family members must say goodbye.
But when it's your daddy so close and so dear
Your realize true love; every thought, every tear.
So remember the good times and not the bad
And it will all teach you, be happy not sad.


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  • 10 years ago

    by audrey harris

    Wow. Amazing poem, very genuine. Sad, yet uplifting, it makes one realize what they have... excellent job, you're a wonderful writer. 5/5

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