by ROB J   Apr 26, 2004

This is bigger then me, this is bigger then you
This world is taking a spiral towards hell, so what we going to do

I see mothers crying
And troops in Iraq dying

We got people on the street hungry, because they don't have any food
And the government tosses them a bone, only when they're in the mood

I mean nobody believes in nothing, just the mighty dollar bill
And for this bill some people choose to kill

Uncle Sam is steady robbing the poor and getting rich
While I see more and more kids lying in a ditch

Doctors aren't doing anything, because HIV is killing millions
And before you know it will be trillions

So what's up, some bodies got to do something
Or else this world is going whether away to nothing


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  • 14 years ago

    by heather

    i agree with u this crap is wrong but i like dit keep writing u have talent