Just by Doing What He Did

by Tiller   Aug 15, 2007

As I was walking home one day,
I saw this little boy.
I looked into his tiny eyes,
They weren't filled with joy.

I went over to this tiny child,
And I asked "Are you okay?"
He said "No, I miss my mommy,
But she's coming home today."

He asked me if I'd walk him home,
Because he didn't know the way.
I asked him if his daddy's home,
He replied, "He went away."

As we started getting closer,
He said that I should go.
His mom would kill us both,
If only she would know.

I started to walk home again,
But I got curious.
I saw him run up to his mommy,
And try to give her a kiss.

All she did was grab his hand,
And punch him in the head.
He was knocked out on the sidewalk,
I was scared that he was dead.

Then I saw him rise again,
And sadly walk away.
I followed him til far away,
To see what he would say.

He quickly turned around to me,
With many tears in eyes.
I was quick to hug this little boy,
As he began to cry.

He looked at me so innocent,
Then said he wasn't bad.
"Please don't tell I love my mommy,
Sometimes she gets mad."

Not for too much longer,
Did we walk around,
Until we realized where we were,
Quite far out of town.

I walked him home once again,
His mom was waiting there.
He himself looked super happy,
I was only scared.

She started to run toward us,
I thought she'd be mad.
She thanked me for returning him,
And explained why she was bad.

This little boy was quick to love again,
And give his mom a kiss.
She kissed him a few times,
I was confused by this.

The boy said thanks, so did his mom,
Then they walked away.
Only then did I truly realize,
What just happened today.

It's still quite confusing to me,
Because I do not know.
But this boy loved his mother,
And can forgive her so.

I told a friend and he told me,
It's because he's just a kid.
And we need more people like him,
So we can do what he just did.

At this I started thinking,
Maybe he is right.
This world would be better,
If we'd learn not to fight.

I'll never forget this lesson,
That I learned from this kid.
He taught to forgive,
Just by doing what he did.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Unamed

    Aw!!..this had a really good message and the world would provably be better to forgive.
    u did great on this.
    no ceitizizmQ.hehe idk hot to spell that.....

    anyways good job

  • 10 years ago

    by Flower Child[hippie]

    Great poem :)

  • 10 years ago

    by Hollywood

    Wow i liked this one alot it was surley a great lession.. and your friend is right we do need more people like him,this boy is just a child and children tend to be more forgiving then teenagers or adults. They all want to love and be loved by some one. If they are not loved they will do anything to get loved.When their parents are mad and depressed they/we tend to think its our fault for this..when our mother,fathers,sisters,brothers or any one gets mad or leaves we think its our fault. The boy was/is strong and if this was a real story he will grow up a sweet boy to a man and will forever be strong no matter what god throws his way! but great job!

  • 10 years ago

    by halie

    that wuz great
    it had a great lesson in it to
    it rlly said alot
    i got nurves wen it said she hit him though lol
    but 5/5
    i loved it!!

  • 10 years ago

    by Live WeLL

    Wow this poem was amazing and you did a great job writing it.. not only did it flow really well but it told a great story.. it was sad but it had a very important lesson and you are right...we do need more people like that little boy in the world.. but we also need more people to end that type of violence and more people than will stand up for themselves..

    anyway amazing job. I really enjoyed reading it and once i started, i couldnt stop because I was interested to find out what was going on. Great job. Keep it up! =)