Forget to remember

by resisting reason   Sep 2, 2007

I remember you
remembering me
and how strong our love
used to be
i remember the looks
the loving stares
i remember how much you used to care
i remember our first kiss
our sweet loving caring tender kiss
i remember your skin so soft
and your hands in mine
its true what they say
love is blind
and as it is
i see now, what i could not see then
i remember now,
i remember when...
i remember your lies
sound of your voice
and the look in your eyes
you said its OK, together forever
thats what you said,
but your eyes said never
and i remember
the hurt i felt
and still feel
when our "love" was broken
a love so real
now all i can do to mend my broken heart
is to hope that one day, i will forget to remember


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Hrodwyn

    This is a good poem! If this poem is true! I can say for certain that your heart will mend, cuz I have had mine broken and it is mending!

  • 10 years ago

    by HollywoodSmile

    This poem is beautifuly sad. its wonderfuly tragic, if that makes anysense to anyone other than myself. but its amazing. the flow was strong and continuous. the words were perfect. everything in this poem was...horrendously enchanting. lol. but seriously its amazing.