Long expired memories.

by pseudo   Sep 8, 2007

Hopes high for the cliche ending
No matter how naive it seems
Overrated and far fetched,
Romance's classic theme.

Lay in bed with a heavy heart
My thoughts so confined.
Eyes wide awake, my view so dazed
Of what I've left behind.

Up or down, good and bad.
All I still regret
It drowns out bright times
And memories I have yet to forget

We were given the beginning,
Got lost along the way,
Bonds once whole,
Have now fallen astray

Obstables were never an option
Never gone, or disappeared.
Lingered around like a rope
Waiting to interfere.

Hard feelings and guilt, but
Confrontation was never a choice
Just a silent reminder,
I never did use my voice.

Our long expired memories
Are just a day past over due.
And the more I try to forget
The more I resent.... you


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  • 11 years ago

    by Krista

    Wow that is seriously gorgeous.