I'm Starting To Hate You

by Soulful Ensemble   Sep 8, 2007

Hello Cupid, I see through your arrows,
You used to feed me love, but now the road is narrow.
How could you fall off first my dainty Pharoah?
I'm starting to hate you and your songs of sparrows.

I know you want to fly away,
Your melody doesn't flow my way.
You kneel and pray, hoping not to be tomorrow's prey,
But in your mind you know I'm starting to hate you; as I may.

I knew your heart was made of clay,
And that it could move and sway;
Never falling in love, and always being led astray.
You wouldn't care for me: you're cold and gray,
And I'm starting to hate you as I decay.

You stabbed me in the back you spineless snake,
Left me for a scheming lion and his cake.
I was a step in the way; SO you had no caution to take,
Im starting to hate you-- who could live through your mistakes?

I'm a fool, but not for you, I have my own problems to chew,
You can cook all that you want, but I won't eat your food.
You can hate me back, but i won't care for you,
I'm starting to hate you now-- but who are you?

You've changed so much, you're not the same,
The girl I knew has changed her ways.
You're not around for me, when I need your games,
I'm starting to hate you now-- what a shame.


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